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Areté Ensemble
Areté Ensemble is a cultural organisation founded in 2007. All members are free to persevere with their own work and find themselves in Arete only when the need for a common project is arising. Arete Ensemble collaborates with various International organisations. Arete Ensemble works in the field of theatre production, teaching drama, music and audiovisual production. Saba Salvemini and Annika Strohm, are founding members. Among others Arete Ensemble has collaborated with Valerio Malorni, Miyuki Hayakawa, Matteo Salvemini, Luca Franco, Ursula Volkmann, Valentino Ligorio, Zerottanta Produzioni, Jean Paul Denizon, Sarah Sammartino.

HardShell FZE
HardShell FZE is the best defence company in UAE. Hardshell offers a complete solution for ballistic body armor. 971506339794.

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